Track Turnover Workout

Rad Runners! We've teamed up with Jasyoga to bring you Workout Wednesday! We’ll be serving up a variety of speed workouts, threshold intervals, tempos, fartleks and more. Each week, we’ll work alongside Jasyoga to incorporate complimentary Jasyoga Reset Routines to keep your running healthy and strong!

When doing fast workouts on the track it’s common to get tight and cranky hips or to run into “booty lock”. To nail your workout and absorb the full benefit of your effort you need your hips working with you rather than against you. These post-track Hip Resets are essential.

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Warm Up: 10 min easy jog + Workout Day Warm Up

  • 4 x 15 second strides (take as much walking recovery as you’d like between each)

  • 8 x 200 @ mile race pace w/ 90 second recovery (8 x 45 seconds @ same pace if you can’t get to a track)

Cool Down: 10 min easy jog + Quick Post-Run Hip Reset immediately post-workout / followed by Hip Maintenance with Stephanie Violett later in day to fight booty lock.


Rep workouts like these are great for building efficiency for longer, slower paced workouts and races (imagine miles per gallon in your car). By doing this kind of work weekly, you’ll feel more comfortable and relaxed at 5k, half marathon, and marathon paces.


Try to run the 200s at a pace you estimate you could maintain for an all-out mile. The rest should be double the amount of time each 200 takes you. For example, if you are running your 200s at :45 second pace, you should aim for 90 seconds rest. The recovery should feel long — the goal is to clear the lactate because it should never be a limiting variable with this type of workout.


  • The total volume of this workout should be about 5% of your weekly mileage, so feel free to adjust the amount of 200s you do based on your own training plan! For example, if you’re aiming to hit 20mpw, you’ll want to total 1 mile of rep work (8 x 200).

  • Visualize shortening your stride, running tall, and driving your arms.