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Coach Kristin Metcalf

Kristin started running track and field her freshmen year in high school. She continued her love for racing at the University of Washington where she competed in cross-country and track. After college she raced 5k’s up to the half marathon. Not only does she have thirty years of her own running experience to draw from but she also began coaching high school track and cross-country since 1995. With 16 years of coaching experience she has a wealth of knowledge to offer to you.

After taking a break from coaching high school runners Kristin spent five years working at Oiselle Running Inc. where she led the ambassador and elite runner teams. What she loves most about running is the fact that it teaches you how to persevere through challenges within the sport and in life. The habits that you develop as well as the friendships that you make while you are running are priceless.

I love helping runners improve in their overall running fitness as well as achieve their running and racing goals. During this process life habits improve and overall happiness seems to flourish as well.
— Kristin

Coach Heather Stephens

Heather’s love for the sport started back in grade school. Specifically, on the soccer field. She wasn't one for extreme coordination, but she was quite good at putting one foot in front of the other at rapid speeds. She soon traded her cleats for spikes and went on to win multiple state championship titles, and earned All-American status all four years of high school.

She continued on to Syracuse University where she competed for The Orange in cross country, the 5k, the mile, and the steeplechase. Her passion for running, training, and competition led her to Georgetown University to coach the Hoyas cross country and track and field team for two years in DC. Heather has been coaching athletes online for the past three years and has loved every minute of it.

Watching people set goals and achieve them is the greatest feeling in the world. It’s my passion and joy in life to help others succeed.
— Heather

Coach Sarah Cotton

Sarah's introduction to running began in middle school, when she was very bluntly told that the only reason she was decent at soccer was because she was fast. From then on, running became a central part of her life. Sarah competed all throughout high school, and went on to run track and cross country at Georgetown University (where she met Coach Feather!).

Focusing on the 5k and 10k, she found her niche in the longer distances. This is where Sarah's love of sharing running with a group of likeminded people began. She is now a competitive ultra-trail runner, living in Flagstaff, AZ, and continuing to share her passion for running with others.