Rad Running is not your average coaching biz. Yes, we provide training for runners around the world, but we go beyond the basics and also serve as a hub for storytelling. We know that every runner’s path is different, and we believe everyone has a unique story to tell. One that just might inspire others to get on the starting line. 

We encourage our athletes to tell us their tales of how putting one foot in front of the other has cemented their paths and shaped their lives. Stay tuned for our blog for some upcoming runspiration!

Speaking of storytelling, here’s the story of how Rad Running began...




Back in 2012, Kristin and Heather (AKA - K Met and Feather) crossed paths for the first time in Eugene, Oregon. The Mecca for running in the great U.S. of A. In a week's time, they watched talented dreamers become champions and punch their tickets to the London Olympic Games. Witnessing moments of true grit and greatness alongside eachother sparked a friendship that would go the distance. 

After the Olympic Trials, K Met went back to Seattle and Heather moved to Washington DC. K Met’s career as the Oiselle Team Manager took off and Heather began hers; coaching the Georgetown Hoyas. K Met successfully grew the Oiselle professional team from 15 athletes to 250, and Heather helped coached the Hoyas to multiple conference championships, along with a 4th place finish at the NCAA Cross Country Championships. 

The real magic began when Heather decided to move across the country to join forces with K Met and work for Oiselle. The two managed the Oiselle Team of professional athletes and racing ambassadors for three years. They traveled around the country together, ran together, raced together, geeked out on track results and coaching together, and built a giant community of run lovers together. It was an unforgettable three years. 

It was during a late night of too many margaritas and chips and guac that the idea for Rad Running came about. (Yes, a seemingly unconventional setting to have a convo about starting a running coaching business, but that’s kind of the point.) Feather was feeling burned out on competitive racing and training. She’d spent the better part of her life going all-in preparing for competition. Her life was shaped around her workouts, what she ate, how long she slept, and how many miles she ran each week. She was ready to stop feeling guilty about eating and drinking a few too many chips and margaritas, and skimping on a night of sleep. BUT she still wanted to hit the trails every day and toe the line. 

That’s when the two of them had this radical idea: why not continue to train and race, but rather than making running the number one focus, use it as a catalyst for growth in all areas of life? 

With that idea, the two went about life with this ideology in mind. Heather pursued her other great love - travel and ran in 17 countries across the world in 2017. And K Met pressed pause on working with professional athletes and went back to coaching her high school cross country and track teams. 

After living the Rad Running lifestyle for a little over a year, they decided to go all in and build a coaching business out of it. 

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